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Water Wood - Cheng Dun Gao Cong Shui Xian 程墩高丛水仙

Water Wood - Cheng Dun Gao Cong Shui Xian 程墩高丛水仙

orchid, jasmine, bamboo leaves

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Cheng Dun| Wuyishan | China


2023 Spring


Shui Xian (Age 30-40)






8.5 g | Water temperature 100°C | 120ml | 15-20 times brewing | 5s x 5 - 10s – 15s – 20s +

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About This Tea

The first new tea of 2024 by Si Chá - Water Wood(水木年华). We wish to convey the beautiful vision of "As I leave the past behind, I look forward to welcoming the blossoming of the new year" with this tea.

This carefully sourced Gao Cong Shui Xian is obtained from the high-altitude cloud and mist regions of Wuyi Mountains - Cheng Dun (程墩), with trees aging around 30 to 40 years. Its pure orchid base and pollen scent creates a delicate contrast to Rougui's boldness, resulting in a subtle and profound aroma infused within the tea. This tea boasts a rich nuance, featuring a smooth and delicate tea broth alongside a mellow and silky flavor. Through meticulous medium roasting, it maintains the original tea flavor while infusing a warm roasted essence that sets it apart.

*Tea leaves contain tea polyphenols and caffeine, which are the source of the bitter and astringent flavour of the tea soup, as well as the source of the sweetness. Reducing the amount of tea leaves, lowering the water temperature or speeding up the soup can reduce the bitterness and astringency.

Customer Reviews

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Floral Yancha

Nice and complex tea. The first infusions offer a predominant floral flavor, mostly (but not only) orchid, with some fruity hints of peach, which together with the pleasant astringency of the liquor create a juicy mouthfeel and a strong cooling effect. The tea then gets mellowed and balanced out by rounder wood notes and some sweet, warm elements, reminiscent of dried red berries. The latest infusions are more vegetal and gentle. Roasty hues in the taste and an intense buttery, almost pastry-like aroma in the empty cup complete the picture, making this tea a really interesting one.

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