Tea, Nature, and Us

Si (鷥) means egret in Chinese, is a symbol of purity and peacefulness. Revered by ancient Chinese culture, the egret soars between the sky, the land, and the lake, connecting itself to the three elements of air, earth, and water. It is in these three elements that the tea leaves of Si Chá grow and thrive, absorbing the essence of nature.

Chá (茶) is the Chinese word for tea. Looking at its Chinese character, the "艹" at the top represents grass, the "人" in the middle represents human, and the "木" at the bottom represents wood. This symbolizes the connection between human,nature and tea, and how they are intertwined.

From the Leaves to the Cup

Si Chá takes its inspiration from the tea-rich region of Wuyishan in Fujian, one of the most recognized and best natural tea producing area in China and in the world. With a history dating back centuries, this region is renowned for its exquisite tea culture and unparalleled raw leaves.

At Si Chá, our journey from leaf to cup is carefully curated in our own tea plantations. We are committed to keeping the rich traditions alive, using time-honored methods of cultivation, harvesting, and processing that have been handed down through generations. With our dedicate selection of the finest raw leaves, we strive to make every sip of tea a true taste of Chinese tea culture.

Brewing Tea as A Lifestyle

With a peaceful heart, brew tea until it is tasteless. The process of making tea represents an extension of the tea itself to a wider concept of experiencing and sensing the life at a slower pace. Boiling water slowly and waiting patiently, it is also a matter of unveiling all the hidden and ignored treasure in our life, just like the process how we capture the very flavor of tea.