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Rou Gui 肉桂

Rou Gui 肉桂

caramel, roasted nuts, peach, cassia

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Wuyishan | China


2022 Spring


Rou Gui






8.5 g | Water temperature 100°C | 120ml | 10-12 times brewing | 5s x 3 - 15s – 30s – 45s +

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Oolong tea soup under the sunlight

About This Tea

Rou Gui is a type of Wuyi Yancha and it's famous for its aroma and taste, which notably resembles cassia (or Chinese Cinnamon). Rou Gui is a very old and well established tea type, highly prized for its rich flavours. It was first developed during the Qing Dynasty and remains one of the most common oolong varietals grown in the Wuyi Mountain.

The aroma of Rou Gui is intense and persistent, with a strong, mellow and sweet taste in the mouth, and gradually brings the fruity aroma after a few bubbles. When you drink it, your cheeks will be full of flavour and fragrance. 

*Tea leaves contain tea polyphenols and caffeine, which are the source of the bitter and astringent flavour of the tea soup, as well as the source of the sweetness. Reducing the amount of tea leaves, lowering the water temperature or speeding up the soup can reduce the bitterness and astringency.

Customer Reviews

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Perfectly balanced, as all Yanchas should be!

I got this one at the Berlin Tea Festival, where I also had the pleasure to meet you guys in person. The tea is excellent, balanced in all its aspects: its smooth consistency is followed by the typical tingly mouthfeel of yanchas; its flavors work beautifully together, with the sweet and fruity notes perfectly balanced by its roastiness, always accompanied by the cassia aroma. It can endure a lot of infusions without losing its character and its aftertaste lasts long in the mouth. A real treat from Wuyishan!

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