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Qi Lan 奇兰

Qi Lan 奇兰

honey, orchids, green persimmons

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Hui Yuan Keng | Wuyishan | China


2023 Spring


Qi Lan






8.5 g | Water temperature 100°C | 120ml | 10-12 times brewing | 5s x 3 - 15s – 30s – 45s +

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Oolong tea soup under the sunlight

About This Tea

Qi Lan (or Rare Orchid) is lesser known but unique Wuyi Yancha. The varietal was introduced from southern Fujian to Wuyi Mountains in the 1990s and flourished in the soil and climate in the ecological reserve.

The tea made from this cultivar usually has low to medium level of oxidation, and the processing method involves multiple low-heat, extended baking periods where the floral and fruity taste is preserved and enhanced. Qi Lan has a distinct, robust aroma, the exposed orchid fragrance is rich and persistent, the taste is mellow and the aftertaste stays in the mouth for a long time. 

*Tea leaves contain tea polyphenols and caffeine, which are the source of the bitter and astringent flavour of the tea soup, as well as the source of the sweetness. Reducing the amount of tea leaves, lowering the water temperature or speeding up the soup can reduce the bitterness and astringency.

Gaiwan Brewing Method