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Zhang Ru Jia - Handmade Chai-fired Tea Cup 70 ml x2

Zhang Ru Jia - Handmade Chai-fired Tea Cup 70 ml x2

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Jing De Zhen | China




Diameter 8.5 cm | Height 4 cm | Volume 70 ml
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Zhang Ru Jia, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in ceramics, the new generation of pottery artist, after visiting many old kilns, such as Xing kiln, Ding kiln, and so on, gradually sort out the relationship between tradition and innovation, and finally rooted in Jingdezhen, focus on make-up clay and became a qualified "clay player".

Make-up clay, born in the Western Jin Dynasty, the early pottery clay particles are coarse, and the objects after firing lack of beauty. So the ancients invented make-up clay. After the pottery billet was formed, the fine clay was ground and made into a paste, and brushed on the pottery tires to cover the rough surface and enhance the practicality and aesthetics, and gradually became a ceramic decorative technique. It has been used for thousands of years, and has become better known as "Kohiki" after spreading in Japan and Korea.

Chai Kiln (柴窑) was born before ceramics, a thousand years of technology, the ancient sagger cover firing, fire marks and ash is considered defective, through the times and aesthetic change, then the flaws into our pursuit of the effect of the combination of wood and clay, nature and humanities, creating the aesthetic philosophy belonging to our generation.

* Price listed is for two teacups.
* As it is a handmade work, it is normal for the cups to have small gaps that are not round or grainy.