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Gao Cong Shui Xian 高丛水仙

Gao Cong Shui Xian 高丛水仙

brown rice, orchid, woody

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Hui Yuan Keng | Wuyishan | China


2023 Spring


Shui Xian






8.5 g | Water temperature 100°C | 120ml | 10-15 times brewing | 5s x 3 - 15s – 30s – 45s +

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Oolong tea soup under the sunlight

About This Tea

Discover the exquisite flavor of Shui Xian, a remarkable oolong tea originating from the Fujian province of China. Boasting a history of over a thousand years. Shui Xian, also known as "Water Sprite"or "Narcissus", is distinguished by its large, robust leaves, a testament to the semi-arboreal tea trees from which it hail. After a medium roasting process, the smooth characteristics and toasted sweetness of Shui Xian are delightfully brought to the fore.

The trees of Gao Cong Shui Xian (high bush) are around 30-60 years old. Its aroma is highly noticeable, yet has a soft, gentle quality to it, with woody and brown rice flavors. The taste is rich, thick and smooth, with a distinct rocky character and strong astringency.

*Tea leaves contain tea polyphenols and caffeine, which are the source of the bitter and astringent flavour of the tea soup, as well as the source of the sweetness. Reducing the amount of tea leaves, lowering the water temperature or speeding up the soup can reduce the bitterness and astringency.

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Gao Cong Shui Xian

Fragrant, floral aroma in the leaves. Highly dynamic liquor in its interaction of smoothness and astringency, with a nice cooling effect. Wonderfully complex taste: Sweet and floral, spicy elements, wood, a distinct flavor of toasted grains and a pronounced minerality. Strong floral and roasty aftertaste that, together with a calming body sensation, builds up through the whole long session.

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