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Classic Dehua White Porcelain Gaiwan, 110ml

Classic Dehua White Porcelain Gaiwan, 110ml

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Dehua | China




Volume 110 ml
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Those who have wandered through the Wuyishan will certainly find this Gaiwan familiar. Produced in Dehua, this 110ml white porcelain Gaiwan, whether adorned with the "Da Hong Pao" inscription or simply in its minimalist white porcelain form, is ubiquitous in tea rooms and judging chambers, becoming an essential part of the daily life of Wuyi tea people.

A seemingly ordinary utensil, its brewed aroma always manages to captivate and linger. Now, we bring it to you, hoping to let you experience the daily life of the people of Wuyishan and brew your own unique fragrance of tea.

*User-friendly for beginners