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Milky Peach - Bai Rui Xiang 百瑞香

Milky Peach - Bai Rui Xiang 百瑞香

Ripe Fruit, Peach, Butterscotch

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Lian Hua Feng | Wuyishan | China


2023 Spring


Rui Xiang




Medium to light


8.5 g | Water temperature 100°C | 120ml | 10-12 times brewing | 5s x 3 - 15s – 30s – 45s +

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About This Tea

Bai Rui Xiang, also known as "Rui Xiang", is a new variety of Wuyi Yancha with a predominantly ripe fruity aroma selected and bred by the Fujian Tea Research Institute in 2003 from the hybrid progeny of Huang Dan (黄旦) and Huang Jin Gui (黄金桂). The earliest Bai Rui Xiang tea trees were from Hui Yuan Keng.

Due to the good adaptability of the tea tree, high yield, as well as its elegant aroma and mellow flavor, it has also won many awards in tea competitions, and was later popularized and planted on a large scale in Wuyishan. From the dry tea aroma to the tea broth, and then to the mouth, there is always a strong ripe fruit aroma, and occasionally there is a sense of nectar scent. It puts people in a gentle countryside rarely found in Yancha.

*Tea leaves contain tea polyphenols and caffeine, which are the source of the bitter and astringent flavour of the tea soup, as well as the source of the sweetness. Reducing the amount of tea leaves, lowering the water temperature or speeding up the soup can reduce the bitterness and astringency.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing fruits

A very rich tea that carries you through many flavors and develops with a large number of infusions. Even if the roasting always resonates in the nose, it still remains discreetly in the background and fruity notes determine where the journey goes. The soft and thick texture is reminiscent of milk foam. A great tea that stays in your mouth long after you drink it.

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